An Advanced Telehealth service achieved through collaborating technology with healthcare experts.

What we are doing?

Technology is advancing in a fast pace. The support technology can provide to healthcare system is immense. There are people in rural areas with access to limited health facilities and they are struggling with their health issues. With the help of technology, Tenor is trying to deliver valuable health services to the underserved areas.

Why are we doing?

Through Tenor, we are aiming to contribute to the UN’s millennium development goals of providing sustainable health care solutions to remote parts of the world through telenursing services. Another objective of this project to enable the health care professionals to learn about the sophisticated telemedicine equipment for the easy access of care in remote areas.

Advanced Telehealth Service

How we are doing?

This project is in the initial phase. We are collecting and documenting all the information available on similar research to identify the issues which we need to overcome through our research. Our dedicated team is comprises of healthcare professionals/ technology professionals. We are utilizing the lab facilities available in both North Melbourne and Rosanna.

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