Leadership and Learning are indispensable to each other

Our team

Bijo Kunnumpurath

Founder & Managing Director
HCI group

"Enhancing lives through education and training is what I strive for"

Our team
Thought Leaders.

Professor Anthony Welch


Dr Chandana Hewege


Our team
Advisory Group.

Pankaj Patel

Chief Financial Officer

Dr Shisir Manandhar

Research and Innovation Head

Dr Philomena

Director of Studies

Dr Reshin Maharaj


Professor Kogi Naidoo


Dr Tan Kan Ku


Dr Prerna Khawas


Dr Alex Oommen


Vikranth Babu Samidla

CTO EduSystems Australia &
COO MWT Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
(Pursuing PhD in Healthcare Innovation)

Our team
Research Team.

Nayana Babu Sreelatha

Research and Innovation Manager (Medical & Health)

Arjun Agarwal

Management Consultant (Investments)

Rimna Karunan

Clinical Simulation Technologist

Vishnu Sathyan Kandangath

Project Coordinator (Technology)

Harish Karyattu

Technology Lead

Bodhi Darshanee Rai

Public Relations
and Communications Lead

Lokesh Regalla

Software Engineer

Bharath Reddy Kandula

Machine Learning Engineer

Govardhan Reddy Anam

Software Engineer

Simran Rajesh Ahir

Business Analyst

Rupa Singh

Business Analyst

Athira Moncy

Project Officer

Yohan Abi Joseph

Robotics Research Engineer