An advanced virtual assistance service for healthcare learners.

What we are doing?

RiCSE is a new virtual assistant that will help students with their individual requirements. This proficient and knowledgeable virtual assistant will work tirelessly to improve her customer service skills. Our team is continually looking for new features to enhance the user experience with RiCSE in order to improve the conversation experience. During this challenging time caused by the pandemic, we also plan to give critical information to students and staff via virtual assistant.

Why are we doing?

Newly arrived students and staff will have many questions and concerns, and finding the right person to address them can be challenging. Many of us are hesitant to ask for help for various reasons, which causes delays in our tasks. People nowadays are more at ease with virtual assistants that can be accessed through their mobile devices. RiCSE is based on this concept.

Advanced Virtual Assistant Service

How we are doing?

We are training the virtual assistant to answer various queries related to academic or general by utilising the power of technology and historical data of student interactions.

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