Infection Control using UVD Robots

Eliminate infections with the help of an advanced UVD robot.

What we are doing?

We make every effort to leave nothing behind with each visit to hospitals or healthcare facilities. This is because the risk of new bacteria is very high. Antibiotic-resistant bacteria are often referred to as "superbugs." As a consequence of infection with these diseases, significant pain and suffering are often encountered, as well as many fatalities. These infections pose substantial difficulties and impose considerable expenditures on the contemporary health care system. Cleaning and disinfection are costly and ineffective in places that are inaccessible. Because there is no method to compel individuals to clean their hands, the new method is to deploy disinfecting robots.

UV radiations has reclaimed the top spot in the fight against superbugs. UV has found a new use in hospitals, disinfecting the surfaces of patient rooms, restrooms, operating rooms (ORs), equipment rooms, and mobile devices, after more than a decade in healthcare . UVGI platform that can coexist with human employees and function independently in confined spaces, meeting two critical criteria for incorporating the technology into radiological settings. Despite the little irradiation time, we showed the capacity to inactivate microorganisms with more complicated cell structures and greater UV inactivation energy than SARS-CoV-2, suggesting a high probability of efficacy against coronavirus. Our in-house Medical researcher with radiation and radiobiology background is trying to understand the operational and technical prerequisites for an UV disinfectant solution.

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