Providing interactive learning experience for healthcare professionals with the help of cutting edge technologies.

What we are doing?

In today's world, virtual learning allows students to access education from anywhere in the world. Healthcare professionals play an important role in society by educating students at an early stage, giving them the ability to perform their services in the most efficient way possible. Pandemic taught us how critical it is to provide students with a remote learning opportunity while maintaining educational quality. Simulation software would create a simulated learning environment in virtual space for students, allowing them to perform simulation-based laboratory practical's. Students are exposed to a variety of real-world scenarios and gain firsthand experience with their theories. Technology is rapidly evolving and has a significant impact on many aspects of life, including education. According to research, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR) have significant potential for assisting students in improving their skills and knowledge. Indeed, bridging AR/VR and education can provide engaging and effective teaching and learning experiences.

Why are we doing?

Rather than an apprentice-style of learning, medical simulation allows for the acquisition of clinical skills through hands-on practise. Because of recent technological advances, simulation technologies have become a viable alternative to real patients, allowing trainees to make procedural errors and learn from them without fear of injuring the patient.

Virtual Learning

Who all are involved?

  • Clinical research technologist
  • Technology
  • Academics
  • Application

How we are doing?

SimSoft would create a simulated environment for students in virtual space, allowing students to engage in simulation practises through Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) opportunities.

Students are introduced to various real-time scenarios in an advanced learning space using SimSoft (Simulation software).


Remotely streamlining course delivery using advanced mannequins and HoloLens, as well as respective holograms.


Creating an interactive learning environment in which practical sessions are recorded and student performance is evaluated.


Developing a one-stop platform for recording, assessing, and monitoring all simulation activities.

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