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We focus on the core theme of research and innovation underpinned by four pillars TREP — Technology, Research, Entrepreneurship and Publication.

Healthovation Pty Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of HCI Australia.

Healthovation is a derivative of HCI's vision to establish its own research and innovation division to further ameliorate education and research activities globally, primarily in the health sector.

Over the past decade as we sent graduates into the workforce, we saw that rapid technological advancements that were taking place within HealthTech and MedTech every day. This made us dream about all the ways that we envision that technology could revolutionise healthcare. After sometime we thought to ourselves, why limit these to just dreams?

So Healthovation came to life.

We focus on the core theme of research and innovation underpinned by four pillars TREP — Technology, Research, Entrepreneurship and Publication.

Healthovation has been solely focused on research, development as well as the commercialisation of innovative technology that is designed to enhance the lives of students, professionals and clients in the health care sector. Some of our current projects include the use of robotic technology for in-home care, and the development of a nursing simulation eco-system.
In a way, we can rightly cherish Healthovation as the love child of, HCI, whose vast experience, industry know-how and best practices in the health care education sector has helped nurture Healthovation into an epitome of innovation in the true sense of the word.


Education for Employment.


We push the boundaries of our practice because innovation is the only approach to enable quality education and meaningful careers in health. This means adapting to a global world and having an open mindset to use new technologies and apply them effectively and meaningfully.


We care deeply about human experiences and improving lives. It’s our mandate to provide ongoing, lasting relationships with students and employees. Once you join the organisation you are a member of the community and we have a stake in your future.


We strive continually to improve the experience we provide and raise the standards of our industry in the pursuit of excellence. We work collaboratively with people in our ecosystem so that more opportunities can be shared for all.

We encourage global partnerships to support innovation in the Healthcare industry through formal investigation and involvement in breakthrough ideas around technological advancement.

Who we are
HCI Australia.

HCI was first established in 2007 and has since grown to a group of 8 companies specialising in health care education and systems. HCI Australia is a group of companies that specialises in education and systems to develop the careers of healthcare professionals around the world. HCI Australia embraces the latest technologies and collaborative tools in the design and delivery of its health sector education and training programs.This approach allows HCI to create new opportunities for students around the world to develop and enhance their knowledge and skills, and for governments and health sector organisations to more effectively develop the future health workforce.

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