Robotics in Residential Care

Providing safe and reliable service for aged care residents through advanced robotic technology.

What we are doing?

Artificial intelligence and robotics are becoming more capable of performing the same tasks as humans, but more effectively, rapidly, and affordably. The use of autonomous and semi-autonomous robots in elderly and residential care is enormous. As a result, we want to use robots to provide information, entertainment, and companionship to senior residents. By deploying robots to aid residents with everyday tasks, reminders, and navigation, residents can maintain their independence for longer periods, therefore minimising their need on hospitalisation and care facilities. This will help both residents and healthcare staff in the long run.

Why are we doing?

While the idea of robots in residential care may seem futuristic, these developing technologies have already made their way into several nations, including Japan, Korea, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, and Italy, to name a few. Over the last two decades, technology has completely altered the way healthcare is delivered. Numerous studies have demonstrated that robots built safely and reliably can assist the elderly who are experiencing age-related declines. In fact, there are just a few robotic applications accessible to assist and support people providing care for the elderly. We will soon see baby boomers entering elderly care facilities with their complex requirements and expectations, triggering a crisis. By leveraging technology, aged care providers will need to adjust their service propositions accordingly. Due to the staff shortage, it is critical to unleash the robot's potential in elderly care institutions, where we see tremendous chances to increase service safety, quality, and efficiency.

Robotics in Residential Care
Advanced Robotic Technology

How are we doing?

We are conducting 25 semi-structured interviews with important persons within Australia's aged care sector in collaboration with CSIRO. These interviews will assist us in determining robotics' existing situation and expectations in Australia's residential care sector, as well as the gaps and potential for robot integration. This step will identify priority areas for the adoption of robots into residential care. The CSIRO ethics committee will approve any ethical approvals.

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